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Escape games as a field trip activity

Field trip to the adventure factory

Are you trying to plan activities for a field trip in the Helsinki area? Here is a good idea: take your students to play escape games at Trap Factory in Otaniemi (Espoo). Games are accessible to kids aged 8 and up, so everyone can participate and succeed!

There is nothing like playing together to build up the team spirit of a class; as soon as the clock starts ticking, our thrilling escape games get all the pupils instantly involved in solving the various riddles of the room. No one wants to leave any mysteries unresolved at the end of the 60 minutes! The games and the collaboration they required will be remembered long after the field trip. It is recommended to include an adult with smaller pupils, but 3rd and 4th grade students are already able to succeed by themselves.

Field trips for bigger groups 

Bigger groups can fit in Trap Factory’s escape games at the same time. We can host 9 escape games at the same time, for a total amount of players of 60. Other activities are available in our facilities, so 120 people can engage in activities at the same time. Meals can easily be arranged within the premises, which saves you the trouble of reserving a restaurant for all the students. Teachers and supervisors can also participate in the games, but you are welcome to take a break in our cosy lounge where our lovely staff will provide you coffee or tea.

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