Our venue is accessible

Below you may read about our venue’s accessibility in more detail:


    • You may reach our front door by car
    • Entry is accessible with the help of a movable ramp
      • The width of the ramp is 78 cm, length 190 cm, incline 8%

Event hall

    • The event hall is a carpet free space
    • Thresholds are 15 mm high
    • Doorways are always at least 800 mm wide
    • Dimensions of the elevator’s floor 1000mm x 1000mm, load capacity 320kg
      • The elevator is only needed to get to the balcony of the event hall and the following escape games: Prison Escape, Trap, Black List and Professor’s Riddle.
    • The width of the doorway of the accessible toilet is 900mm and the diameter of the free space inside the toilet is 1500mm. The toilet seat has two support rails.

Room escape games

    • Escape games best suited for sitting down are: Murder Mystery and Magician’s Apprentice. We recommend at least one assistant per team to help with few tasks.
      • In addition, Black List and the Orient Express are suitable when it is possible for a sitting player to get up momentarily, or if it is possible to lift them over a 150mm threshold.


We are happy to help with any additional questions, so don’t hesitate to ask!
+358 45 118 6386
Everyday between 10-18