Why escape room games?

Escape rooms have entertained people in Finland already for several years. A team of 4−6 players is led into a room, and the door is locked behind them. Inside, they have to discover and solve puzzles connected to the theme of the room, be it a murder mystery in a manor or a treasure hunt in the depths of a jungle. If the team manages to solve every task within 60 minutes, they will escape the room victorious. To achieve this, the team must carefully investigate and observe the game environment to find the clues needed to progress and finally escape. Teamwork is crucial for success. A disorganized team will not make it out in time.

In a nutshell, an escape room is a challenging 60-minute project, which tests and develops your brainstorming and teamwork skills. The team is guaranteed a thrilling and engaging experience for the whole duration of the game, making escape rooms a superb team-building activity. Everyone can try it out, as there are no physical or skill-based limitations. The rooms have been designed to have something for everyone. They’re not just full of problems requiring logic and wits, but every room has a variety of puzzles for people with different strengths and interests.

Why is an escape room a good choice?

  • The rooms develop communication between co-workers
  • Knowing the strengths and problem-solving skills of your co-workers makes it easier to assign and divide tasks in your everyday work
  • The bond between co-workers is strengthened, as they have experienced a tough spot together and found their way out
  • The games make team-building days efficient and constructive, with everyone still having the time of their lives

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