Difficulty level:
Recommended age: 12+
Help is needed! The nuclear reactor FiR 1 in Espoo Otaniemi is in danger of exploding.

Finland’s first nuclear reactor is located near Trap Factory in Otaniemi, Espoo. The research reactor, FiR 1, was started in 1962 and the dismantling of it started in 2019. Not everything went according to plans, and help is needed now, to stop the disaster. Can your team be the help needed?

Meltdown is an adventure -type game that is played outdoors, that is played without any physical contact with our staff. The game is played by solving riddles and completing puzzles around Otaniemi, Espoo. It is not an escape game. Duration of the game is two hours and the game is played completely by moving outdoors (about 3 km). Bring clothing fitting to the weather and comfortable shoes. Playing the game does not require any previous knowledge of nuclear science or local knowledge of Otaniemi area. Google may be used during the game but is not necessary. Bring along at least one smartphone with full battery, and with QR-reader and WhatsApp -apps installed. Bring an extra battery along if you have one.

The price of the game is 80 per team. No student discounts or other discounts can be applied for an outdoor game. The recommended team size is 2-8 persons. Recommended minimum age is 12 years, younger players are welcome when there is one team-member of at least 16 years old. The game is suitable to people of reduced mobility, give us a call, we will gladly tell you more.

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