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Prison Break 1 and 2

Difficulty level:
Recommended age: 12+
Welcome to the infamous Rikers Island Prison in Bronx, New York. Only a few people have managed to escape in the entire history of the prison. Now it's your turn to try, but it won't be easy… There are two identical games of this. So, two groups can race at the same time. If you wish to book both games, please make sure to complete 2 bookings for both of the games at the same time or send us an email.

Kids’ Prison Break

Do you wish to come and play with your whole family? Or maybe just the kids would like to play? You can book the Prison Break as a simplified version which is more suitable for children. Please mention this in your booking! We recommend the simplified version for all players under the age of 12 who play without an adult. In the simplified version, the game has additional clues, so players get more experiences of success when solving tasks. Please note, there are bikini photos of three women in the room.

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PLEASE NOTE: This game is also available at Exit Oulu. We do not recommend playing it again, if you have already played it in Oulu. Check our other room escape game options below: