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The Orient Express

Difficulty level:
Recommended age: 7+
On the Orient Express, the passengers' joyful evening has come to an end and everyone has withdrawn into their carriages for the night. However, an unexpected and frightening smoke cloud has appeared, and the train is accelerating, even though the end of the line is approaching. Why doesn't the driver brake? Your task is to stop the train before the inevitable destruction. But is 60 minutes enough? The Orient Express escape game offers versatile and interwoven puzzles. The game moves from one mood to another and requires clever and experimental thinking.

You can book the Orient Express as a simplified version which is more suitable for children. Please mention this in your booking! We recommend the simplified version for all players under the age of 12 who play without an adult. In the simplified version, the game has additional clues, so players get more experiences of success when solving tasks.

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