The price of a game depends on the number of players. The game can be paid on the spot.

Pricelist when paying on the spot

2 Players

90 €

(45 €/player)

3 Players

120 €

(40 €/player)

4 Players

140 €

(35 €/player)

5 Players

150 €

(30 €/player)

6 Players

150 €

(25 €/player)

Discounts when payment on site:

With a student-, conscript- or an employee pension card you get a discount of €5/person with a valid certificate.

Discount for children under 12 years is 5€/child. Children under the age of 6 can play free with their parents.

*You can’t combine different discounts & campaigns.

Player changes:

The recommended number of players is 4-6 per game. For more than 6 player games, the extra players cost +25€/player, maximum of 8 players/game.

If the number of players changes for a game that you will pay on the spot, you do not need to contact us before. However, if you have booked multiple games, please let us know in advance if the number of participants changes by more than three participants.

Payment methods:

Pay on the spot we accept most of the debit/credit cards, cash, ePassi, Edenred Oy:n Virike vouchers and card and Smartum kulttuuri AND liikunta vouchers or card (“Liikunta/Sports” alone does not work).

Billing is possible for companies. We simply need you to send your invoicing information (company name, business identity code, billing address and reference) to us in advance via email, info(at) We charge 10 euros per invoice.


*Price list updated on April 2, 2024. Games booked before that date are priced according to the old price list: 2 people 80€ / 3 people 99€ / 4 people 120€ / 5 people 135€ / 6 people 150€.