About Trap Factory

When is Trap Factory open?

We are open according to game reservations. You can reach us every day by phone between 10.00-21.00 at this number:  +358 45 1186 386.

Please note that escape games can only be reserved 24 hours in advance through the booking calendar. If you would like to come and play at short notice, give us a call and we will check our game availability.

For inquiries about larger groups, meetings and event-packages, please fill out our contact form, send an email to myynti(at)trapfactory.fi or gives us a call at +358 45 163 2206 (Monday to Friday, 10-18)

How do we find Trap Factory?

Our address is Metallimiehenkuja 6 D, 02150 Espoo. We are located about 200m from the Aalto University Metro station, on the West Metro line, and about 100m from the Aalto University (M) bus stop. From the metro station take the Otaniementie exit and head east onto Vuorimiehentie. From there go uphill onto Metallimiehenkuja. You can find parking spots on the side of Metallimiehenkuja and in front of Trap Factory. See the location on the map.<ahref=”http://trapfactory.fi/en/location/”>See the location on the map.


About Escape games

How long does an escape game last?

A game lasts 60 minutes, and you should aim to arrive 10 minutes before the starting time of your reservation. You can find all the information about your reservation in the confirmation email of your booking.

Are the rooms scary? 

There is nothing scary or upsetting about the special effects in the rooms, except for ‘The Trap’, which is a horror-themed game.

What difficulty level is suitable for me? 

The difficulty level of the games are rated from 1 to 5 and are visible in each game description. The easiest games, rated one “factory” out of five, are best suited for beginners and kids. The games rated 3 “factories” out of five and above are best suited for people who already played escape games before. If you need advice to choose a game, please give us a call at +358 45 1186 386. We will gladly help you chose the most suitable game for you and your team.

Is it possible to play in English?

Absolutely! All our games are available in English and Finnish. Please mention the language you wish for playing in your booking, or at the latest when you arrive at Trap Factory.

What if the number of players changes between the time of the reservation and game day?

The recommended number of players per room is 4-6. You do not need to contact us if the new amount of players still fits our recommended amount of players per room. For bigger changes in the amount of players, please contact us so that we can book you additional games or cancel some, according to the situation. An extra booking of one game must be done no later than 24 hours before the reservation, and 48 hours for more than one game.

Can I bring my kids to play? 

Of course! Kids can play the games by themselves or with their parents. Only our game ‘The Trap’ is not recommended to children under 12 years old. We also organise children’s parties, especially for birthdays in addition to the escape games. Here is some more information about Children’s Birthday parties.

Is it a problem if there are more than 6 players in our group?

Our recommendation is 4-6 players per game for the best experience. But some games can accommodate 7-8 people. The price for extra players is 25€/person. If you are more than this number of people, then you will need to book two separate games.

Are the games suitable for Christmas parties, bachelor parties and other festivities?

Yes they are! We can also arrange some extras, like hiding a small gift or a surprise in the game for the man/woman/kid of the hour to find! Feel free to contact us to discuss special requests and ideas.

What kind of clothes do I need to play escape games? 

Normal clothes are all you need to play escape games, and there is no need to take your shoes off in the rooms. High heels and evening clothes are also fine, but we do however recommend to book a game that does not include any crawling in that case. For more information, please call +358 45 1186 386.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your game on the spot, altogether or each player separately. We also accept culture vouchers like Edenred, E-passi and Eazybreak. For companies, we also offer a billing option and e-invoices. The billing option must be agreed beforehand, and the billing information sent in advance to myynti(at)trapfactory.fi.

How can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your reservation with the link provided in your confirmation email. You can also send an email to info(at)trapfactory.fi or call us if you need to modify your reservation. For single games, the cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the starting time of your reservation. For reservations of two games or more, the cancellation must be made 48 hours prior to the starting time of your reservation. If you fail to cancel a reservation in time, a fee of 50€/game will be applied.


About Events and our venue

How about foods and drinks? 

We handle it! Thanks to our catering partners, we can arrange a nice selection of lunch, dinners and snacks that we host in our events hall and/or meeting room. Depending on the catering option chosen, the minimum requirement of participants is 10-30. Contact us for more information and let’s cook the best service for your guests.

Is it possible to come visit Trap Factory and its event rooms? 

Yes you can. All we need is to agree on a date and time in advance, either by email at myynti(at)trapfactory.fi  or by phone: +358 45 163 2206.