Corporate events

Organise a team event, celebration, summer party or a meeting at Trap Factory

Corporate Events at Trap Factory

You can book Trap Factory’s Corporate Event program for the whole day. Our facilities are ideal for a recreation day, team-building events, celebrations, meetings or any type of corporate events you may desire. Adventure, fun and team work are all combined through the problem solving skills required to solve our escape games and they are suitable for everyone because they do not require any physical capabilities. If you have a specific idea for a challenge you would like to set for your team, we can even make an escape game tailored for you!. Our meeting room and event hall can accommodate up to 200 people, or alternatively we have a smaller meeting room for groups of 30, if you have a smaller team.

Recreational activities

In addition to our escape games, we can also provide catering services for snacks, lunches and dinners thanks to our award-winning partners. You could even complete the day with a brewery tour and beer tasting, at Olari Brewery next door. All this only 10 minutes away from Helsinki’s centre!

Why choose escape games as a team building activity for your employees?

An escape game is an exciting and fun 60-minute challenge which requires fast thinking, problem solving skills and teamwork. In order to solve all the riddles and the mysteries of the room within the allotted time frame, everybody in the team has to collaborate and effectively communicate with one another. It is for these reasons escape games are an excellent choice of team building activity. Everyone can take part since the games do not have any physical or skill constraints.

Escape games are an excellent choice for team building development because:

  • They develop the communication and bonding between employees.
  • Knowing the capabilities and skills of your co-workers allows you to better share and distribute the work tasks in your company.
  • Mutual trust between employees will improve as they collaborate and strive to succeed in a challenging situation.
  • Escape games make team events effective and useful while remaining fun and entertaining for the participants.
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