Escape safely

How we are doing all we can to ensure safe escape games during a pandemic

1. Safe activity

Escape game with your own group, such as family or co-workers, is a safe activity, as the game takes place in its own often disinfected room and with a familiar group.

2. Hygiene

We actively disinfect all our games and facilities. Disinfectant and face masks are available, and we guide all our teams to hand washing on arrival and after the game. When the situation requires, the staff will wear masks and we recommend the use of masks for players.

3. Social distancing

Contacts between teams are avoided by arranging a separate waiting area when needed. We have plenty of room to wait safely before and after the game. Keeping a safe distance is easy in an outdoor escape game, and the game can be played completely without contact if the payment is made in advance online.

Feedback from our customers on Covid-19 arrangements:

“The games were well organized and hygiene was well taken care of. We felt good and safe after the games! We will come again.”

“Nicely organized! Safe and it was organized in a way that we did not to meet other groups !! Great room 👍👍 Thank you 😍”

“Nice room and good arrangements and nice staff. It felt safe this way during Covid too.”

“The trap was a good game! And so in Covida time it must be mentioned that we felt safe in every way throughout the visit. Masks on ourselves, staff and other players.”

“The game was very nice and all the things were handled so that we were not in touch with any other customers! Very nice place and I will come back again for sure :)”