Level Adventures

Difficulty level:
Recommended age: 12+
Outdoor escape games playable via the Level Adventures app anytime you want!

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Level is a mobile phone application where one can play GPS-based and room escape game inspired puzzle hunts. You may play by yourself or with a group and we offer a diverse selection of different stories, routes and difficulty levels. Compete against your friends or just enjoy a day out. Download for free already today!


Our English games at the moment:

And Then There Were None – Seurasaari, Helsinki

(Meltdown – Otaniemi, Espoo)


Games in Finnish:

Asylum – Lapinlahti, Helsinki

Lenan tarina – Kruununhaka, Helsinki

Viinkien kosto – Matinkylä, Espoo



Keijumetsän arvoitus – Pitkäkosken puisto, Vantaa

Paha pois – Kamppi, Helsinki

Scientist part 1 – Ullanlinna, Helsinki

Zombie Outbreak – Useassa eri kaupungissa

And many more…