Livestream events at Trap Factory

Livestream meetings, -events and -concerts

Streaming and webcast services as well as professional content production for all kinds of events

Product launch, remote meeting, press conference, general meeting, training event, staff day, team day holidays party. Whatever your event, it can be held remotely with streaming servises, at the venue or as a combination of the above. Live streaming reduces risk and saves time and money when most of the event’s followers can attend remotely.

Productions that include music or performing arts: a concert, a fair, a music event and a performance organized using streaming services guarantee a memorable and safe experience for the audience.

Streamed hybrid events in our premises in Otaniemi, Espoo, are organized by professional staff so that there are participants present at the venue and also joining remotely via live streaming. We will take care of the professional technicians and the necessary equipment. We will also be happy to take care of all other matters related to the live event.

A high quality and cost effective streamed event at Trap Factory includes:

Functional and unique facilities. The premises in Otaniemi, Espoo, well located and spacious, and there is good ventilation, stable internet connection, a stage and variable lighting. The tall and spacious events hall with its lofts offers diverse opportunities for various events. Award-winning catering partners take care of dining.

Captivating program content. We produce program content for the event to be streamed, planning the program for both the audience present, and the live streamed audience. In the production of the program, we utilize the expertise of our partners. The streamed portion of the event can be stored on a video playback service, such as YouTube, for later viewing for free or with a separately purchased admission ticket.

Safety of participants. In the arrangements for the audience participating in the on-site event, we will take into account the applicable social distancing restrictions and recommendations as well as regulations. We will evaluate, and implement, on a case-by-case basis, the necessary measures to ensure safe participation for everyone. For example, a face mask requirement for participants is possible depending on the situation.

Interaction. Event participants, both on and off-site, can participate in the program. Audience following the stream online can participate via chat wall, voting and other interactive means. The program takes into account both audiences both on-site and at home, for example, by organizing a different program for the duration of dinner of the quests that are present at the venue.

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