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General Terms and Conditions

for Renting

General Terms and Conditions for Renting Trap Factory Oy


  1. Parties to the Agreement and their Application

Trap Factory Ltd (hereinafter “Trap Factory”) and its clientele for private use (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) is subject to these contractual arrangements terms of the contract. 

The customer must be at least 18 years of age. The person making the reservation on behalf of the company or on behalf of the Community shall have been entitled to commit to contractual relations with the Community which he represents. Provided such a right is lacking or the entity denies its liability on a different basis the person who made the reservation is treated as the customer.


  1. Making a reservation

In order to make the reservation, the customer must send a reservation request to Trap Factory by filling a quotation form at Trap Factory’s website or third-party service provider (eg venuu.fi). The reservation may also make a phone call by calling Trap Factory at +358 45 163 2206

Upon receiving a reservation inquiry, Trap Factory will provide the Customer with a quotation on the rentable premises and their prices. The offer is valid for the duration of 10 days unless something else is agreed with the Customer. If Customer accepts the offer, the customer must pay Trap Factory the booking fee specified on the offer by the due date stated in the offer. The customer can also pay the booking fee and the final payment of the entire reservation at one time. The total price of the event includes the booking fee and the final payment. The total sum is the sum on the quotation.

The reservation fee is not refundable. 

If the Customer fails to make a booking payment by the agreed due date, the booking will expire without delay notice.


  1. Creation of a contract

By paying the booking fee, the Customer agrees to a lease agreement with Trap Factory and accepts these Terms of Service. Upon receipt of the booking fee due at the bill payment due date Trap Factory will provide Customer with an Order Confirmation that includes a summary of the agreement between Customer and Trap Factory and the leased premises with their associated equipment and equipment, rental, and any other terms and conditions that may be agreed between the Customer and Trap Factory.


  1. Premises to Rent

Rental Lease includes the right to use the Trap Factory’s private space for the Customer with terms separately agreed during the rental period The customer is also entitled to use the lobby and toilet facilities of the Trap Factory during the rental period. During the opening hours, other people in Trap Factory might also use the toilet and lobby spaces. Storage facilities and the facilities of the staff are not included in the premises leased by the Customer.


  1. Rental fee

The rent of the premises consists of the booking fee and the sum of the final invoice. The customer has to pay the final amount for the Trap Factory in full before the start of the event and at the latest on the due date marked on the invoice. A 10€ handling fee will be added to the final invoice. 


  1. Modification and cancellation of the reservation

All changes to the reservation must be agreed separately in writing with Trap Factory.

The customer has the right once to transfer the date of the reservation without charge by agreeing with Trap Factory in writing no later than 30 days before the agreed rental period starts.

The customer has the right to cancel the reservation by writing to Trap Factory in writing no later than 14 days before the start of the agreed rental period. In this case, you will not be charged for the portion exceeding the booking fee of the rent.

If the Customer withdraws the reservation later than 30 days before, but earlier than 14 days prior to the commencement of the agreed rental period, the Customer is liable to pay Trap Factory 50% of the sum of the final sum exceeding the booking fee.

Should Customer cancel the reservation later than 14 days before the agreed rental period commences The customer is required to pay the entire rental sum to Trap Factory even though the event was cancelled.


  1. Verification of the premises

The customer has the right to visit the premises and check them with the Trap Factory representative in advance before agreeing to the rental period. If the inspection of the premises and the planning of the event lasts more than two hours, Trap Factory is entitled to charge 40€ for each hour or part thereof spent on the inspection and planning of the premises.

After the rental period commences, Customer must be informed of the deficiencies detected in the condition of the premises to the Trap Factory without undue delay.


  1. Customer’s property

If Customer wants to bring their own furniture or equipment to the premises they rent, it is separately agreed with Trap Factory. The Customer must itself ensure that the property of the Customer and its staff or guests will be removed from the premises by the end of the rental period. 

Trap Factory is not responsible for the property of the Customer, their guests or his staff during the lease period stored at Trap Factory premises.


  1. Cleaning and Waste Management

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the premises are in proper condition at the end of the rental period. The customer must ensure that Trap Factory’s fixtures and equipment at the premises are in good condition at the end of the term, and that they were organized back to the form they were at the time the premises were handed over. 

During the occasion, the customer must ensure proper collection and sorting of the garbage. The Customer shall be liable that the internal or external premises of Trap Factory will not be incurred by the Customer debris at the end of the rental period. Trap Factory is responsible for the normal cleaning of the floor surfaces and toilets in the leased premises before at the start of the rental period and at the end of the rental period. 

If the premises require more than normal cleaning after the customer’s rental period, the Customer will be charged for the additional costs of the more demanding cleaning incurred by Trap Factory according to the cleaners bill.


  1. General order

The customer is responsible for the admission and general order of his guests at the Trap Factory premises during the rental period. During the rental period, the customer will also be responsible for not allowing outsiders to access Trap Factory’s premises leased by the customer. 

The tenant is responsible for ensuring that all guests and performers leave from the Trap Factory premises by the end of the rental period. If Trap Factory’s staff is not present, the Customer will take care of the premise’s appropriate locking at the end of the rental period. 

If the Customer continues the event in Trap Factory’s premises over the agreed rental period, Trap Factory is entitled to charge 100€ per hour or part thereof of excess time. 

The customer must follow the instructions of Trap Factory’s staff and the rules and regulations of the city of Espoo during the rental period. Authorities have the right to disband the event if the rules are not followed. The customer is solely responsible for the costs of possible disturbance.


  1. Security 

Smoking inside the Trap Factory is prohibited. In the yard area smoking is allowed within the smoking reserved area. 

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the number of people participating in the event does not exceed Trap Factory’s premises maximum permitted quantity. 

Standing or sitting on top of tables as well as standing on top of chairs is prohibited. Open flames indoors, such as candles, are strictly prohibited.

The customer agrees to comply with the fire safety instructions and evacuate the persons out of the premises if necessary.


  1. Authorizations and notifications

At their own expense, Client is responsible for all authorizations and permissions required by the authorities and the consequences of non-compliance with the requirements of the authorities. The consumption of ones own alcoholic beverages is allowed on Trap Factory’s premises. Consuming alcoholic beverages is forbidden for underage people in Trap Factory’s facilities and its immediate vicinity. Trap Factory’s staff or contracted security staff is entitled to end the event if this rule is not respected.

It is the responsibility of the customer to make all legal notices to the authorities regarding an event considered as a public event because of its number of participants, the quality of the event of other special reasons, as well as following all the instructions given by the notified authorities. 

The customer is required to submit a notification of previously stated legal notice to Trap Factory upon request.


  1. Customer’s liability and liability for damages

The Customer is responsible for the premises he / she leases under Customer’s and Trap Factory’s agreement rental period, which is more detailed on order confirmation.

Any decorations placed in the venue must be done so that there are no marks left on any walls, floors or ceiling. For example pins etc other attachments that leave a hole or glue residue on the walls or any of the furniture  are prohibited. 

The Customer is obliged to fully compensate for any damage to the property or environment of Trap Factory and its premises cause by the Customer, its personnel or its guests, and any damage cause by the Customer’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions.The customer is obliged to take the necessary measures to limit the damage.

The customer must notify the Trap Factory of any damages incurred without delay.


  1. Trap Factory’s responsibility

Trap Factory is not liable for any personal injury or loss suffered during the lease period at Trap Factory.

In the event of a fire, water damage, power outage, storm, vandalism or other external reasons independent from Trap Factory, Trap Factory is not responsible for compensating the Customer for costs the incident may have incurred. However, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the rent paid.


  1. Transfer of the contract

The customer has no right to transfer this agreement or to divest the reserved space to a third party without the prior written consent of Trap Factory.


  1. Priority of contractual provisions

In the event of any agreement between Trap Factory and the Customer that differ from the terms mentioned in these General Terms and Conditions, the more specific term of the agreement between the Customer and Trap Factory shall prevail.